eGov Services

eGov Services

A variety of digital services, as well as existing platform solutions, are available through the eGov program.


AccessGov is an enterprise form building solution provided at no cost through the master contract. This powerful tool allows agencies to create online digital forms including the ability to integrate with existing software systems. AccessGov is a low code platform designed to allow an agency to build their own forms. Contact your Tyler Wisconsin representative to find out more about Onboarding, Training, Support, and the monthly Community Meetings. Also, AccessGov includes an approved payment processing solution to take online payments.

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Payment Processing

Tyler Wisconsin offers a multitude of payment processing solutions both via the State's identified payment processor and Tyler Wisconsin's own approved payment processing services. This includes adding online payment options to an agency's existing applications; offering one-time or auto-recurring payments for new or existing services; and providing certified credit card swipe devices for an agency's point-of-sale needs.

Advanced Analytics

In addition to basic analytics being collected for eGov developed websites and applications, advanced analytics can be integrated to better understand how end users are utilizing the products to help drive future enhancements.

SharePoint Website

SharePoint websites are provided to agencies at no cost through the master contract. These sites allow agencies to have direct control over their content while providing a modern face to the public.

Custom Development

Custom solutions can be built to meet specific needs to allow state partners to meet business and legislative needs. This includes integration with an agency's existing backend system(s) to put new services online or development of a comprehensive-public facing and agency backend-solution.


TeleGov is a SaaS solution for appointment scheduling to support government at all levels – it's quick to implement (1-2 weeks), scalable, highly configurable, able to be updated by staff in real-time. TeleGov also offers customized prescreening questionnaires, and payment processing.


PromptPay is a SaaS solution for contactless payment processing and eliminates the need for mail or in-person transactions. State employees can send prepopulated payment links individually or in bulk by SMS text message and/or email. PromptPay is quick to implement and offers CheckFreePay integration, to support the un-banked or under-banked.


Common questions and support calls can be alleviated with on page questions and answer style chatbots tailored to an application's specific needs. Users can be directed to the exact content they are looking for while reducing staff time needed to support the public.



State Data Center Hosting

Applications are hosted in the State's data centers ensuring they are protected by all safeguards DET makes available.

Disaster Recovery

All eGov applications hosted in the State's data center are covered under DET’s disaster recovery services. And all new applications are designed with a high-availability architecture, further reducing any down time.

24x7x365 Support and Application Monitoring

Customer support for end users is available via email and phone for all application-related questions. Additionally, all systems and applications are monitored around the clock to track usage and pinpoint any potential issues before users are impacted.

Regular Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance releases include minor enhancements for usability, legislative changes, accessibility, and new feature requests.

Accessibility Scans

All eGov developed applications and website templates meet federal accessibility requirements.


Each project includes the development of a custom marketing plan, in coordination with the agency, to promote and increase adoption rates.