Funding Models

Funding Models

The eGov program offers a variety of funding models that can be customized to an agency's specific project.

eGov Program Funded

No charge to the end user or agency. The project is paid for using capacity built from other revenue generating projects.

Convenience Fee Service

The project is developed and launched at no cost to the agency. This investment is recouped by a small fee paid for by the end user on a per transaction basis.

eGov Program Revenue Share

Revenue share funds are generated with 10 cents from every purchase of a driving or vehicle record via the DOT Broker/Volume service. These funds are available for eGov projects that benefit the enterprise; provide jump start project funding; or are used to expedite a State initiative.

Agency Funded Services

Paid for directly by an agency.

Transaction Cost Service

Similar to a convenience fee, except transaction fees are paid directly by Agency rather than an end user.

Subscription Volume Service

The end user, typically a business, pays based on an annual or monthly billing subscription for high volume services.


A combination of two or more funding models.




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